Report: Samsung eyeing to supply its competitors with folding

سامسونج تستعد لإنتاج شاشات OLED قابلة للطي لهاتفها الذكي القادم

Expected to be 2019 is the year of smart phones folding without occasion, where you intend to Samsung and LG and Huawei those up and launch smart phones of this model, starting from the month of January next.

According to a report from South Korea, Samsung may go to provide folding screens for its Chinese competitors such as Shawty up, while the Korean company has resorted to contain the screens are curved for a long time they will not follow the same policy when it comes to businesses folding.

Supports the report published by the website SamMobile that Samsung already shipped some samples of OLED screens folding buy my oppo those which require the production of smart phones folding sometime during the next year.

This means that Samsung may make a profit from the sale of this type of display is greater than the sale of phones folding, and therefore the use of this policy makes sense.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung intend to launch smartphone foldable carrying the name of Galaxy X the beginning of next year at a price ranging between 1500 and 2000 USD, and is expected to be available in very limited.

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