Report: Samsung folding will carry significant drawbacks related to surface area of

It’s no secret to anyone that Samsung is already planning to launch a smart phone retractable starter next year, although the phone will be available in very limited quantities however, may exhibit some disadvantages that relate to the surface area.

As is the case in most of the leading smartphones in the market today, the Samsung smartphone foldable – which may hold the name of the Galaxy X or the Galaxy F will come equipped with an extra layer to protect the screen from scratches but its not the type of Gorilla Glass is the most developed in this area.

Given the nature of the collapsible screen, the Samsung intend to cooperate with a Japanese company called Sumitomo Chemical to provide this type of material and name of the PI. Compared to Gorilla Glass 4, the new solution undoubtedly less strength and durability, although the nature of plastic makes it flexible and resistant to heat – which are significant advantages for this type of phones – however, it is less tolerant to scratches and shocks.

According to the law of South Korea , the Samsung is not a miracle solutions provided by Kurt. – manufacturer of glass Gorilla Glass companies folding and not advanced enough, which is what drives them to cooperate with the Japanese company.

Because Samsung phone associated did not enter the manufacturing stage, it is probable to see during the coming period, new techniques and improved layers of protection, screen flexible.

The Post report: Samsung folding will carry significant drawbacks related to surface area and was first deployed in the are.

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