Report – Samsung is collaborating with ARM and AMD produce processors suitable for Qualcomm

Don’t hide it. that Exynos processor is not the best, also they are not loved at all by users, especially those stores of the well, it’s clear that Samsung won’t leave it on if it will get changed, which is what made Samsung cooperate with ARM and AMD to implement its revolutionary leap.سامسونج تتعاون مع ARM و AMD

Samsung is collaborating with ARM and AMD for the development of their products

The cooperation between Samsung and slide months will result in the creation and design of the nuclei of entirely new standards and Exynos, and these nuclei will be based on the architecture Cortex A77 and A78 the latest at all, as we know it is not far away, this is where we will see the launch of the first products resulting from this collaboration coming soon in February with the Galaxy S30.

Recall that the Samsung at the moment is factory Android the only one making the products yourself -or designing them – this after I got out of Huawei’s processors, the Kirin of the scene. According to the report, Samsung will not only بـARM, but will also cooperate with AMD, but on the other hand is different in its processors, namely the graphical power and the efficiency of the processor in the gaming graphics power.

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سامسونج تتعاون مع ARM و AMD

As we know with processor Exynos new which will come Samsung with these giants will be on the classification accuracy of 5 nm will be able effectively to compete Snapdragon 865+ current as well as the Snapdragon 875 at the end of the current year.

Recall that the predictions have pointed to the advent of the new processor with the nucleus of the nervous NPU more sophisticated than that used by Qualcomm, this will be the Samsung has improved performance, artificial intelligence and energy consumption in its new, which is what we really are.

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