Report: Samsung is developing a new service for portfolios digital

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Company intends Samsung to launch a new service for digital, as showed requests were made by the company to obtain the rights to trademarks in the European Union, to implement it to my company “HTC” HTC, “Seren Labs” Sirin Labs, which were one of the first companies which entered in this market, which is widely considered that it will be promising.

After the dramatic rise of the for Digital the beginning of the current year, and draws many people towards investing in this area, it seemed that there is a market on the horizon offers a dedicated smart phones for those who need devices that enable them to manage their portfolio of digital currencies.

In late the month of October last, launched HTC phone Exodus 1, which extends the device that includes hardware and special techniques to support what he knows to encrypt “series of books” the Blockchain, and security technologies that form the basis of digital currencies like “Bitcoin” Bitcoin, “item” Ethereum.

Now confirmed the location of “Sam Mobile” SamMobile, specializing in news of Samsung, the South Korean company developed a special service for the digital may launches with the phone, its flagship smartphone “Galaxy S” Galaxy S10.

The site also mentioned that the Samsung service for the encrypted will consist mainly of two parts: the first cool purse to save the currency encrypted, with keys, public and private, in addition to the possibility of signing the private keys for business transactions. The other part is the wallet encrypted hot transfers, view account information and transaction history. This, and have not yet decided the names of the new governor that Samsung is working on its development.

Referred to the work of encrypted storage in the portfolios of a number of hot and cold. And keep those portfolios with the Keys public and private are required to achieve the digital currency. The Conservative cold it’s safer if kept in non-contact, no hackers can gain access to the keys in their purses remotely, since you have physical access to the device to get it.

He noted the location of “Sam Mobile” to that wallet application cold from Samsung will enable users to import their existing portfolios of third-party services such as Metamask or TrustWallet. You will be able to also create a new application in the app itself. May include encrypted codes and digital supported in principle all of the bitcoin United, Peter addresses cash.

The site added that accounts that have been created will be stored using the app on the network “series of books” the blockchain with Hide full attack, this will not be the Samsung access to data. The only way for users to access them would be through a recovery, which should consist of 12 to 24 words.

According to the site, the application of Samsung Live Digital will offer an additional layer of security through authentication request, which includes security options, such as “Personal Identification Number” PIN and fingerprint.

The gate Arab News Technical Report: Samsung is developing a new service for local digital preservation.

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