Report: Samsung is killing the series phones Galaxy J

Despite the many leaks that have recently appeared for smart phones low performance of the series phones Galaxy J, however, some reports talking about the company’s intention to stop the production of this type of phones.

According to a report coming from South Korea, Samsung is seriously considering re-consider its policy on maintaining its smart low average costs, where the transfer site ET News from its sources that the giant company go to kill the Galaxy J series fully expand the production of phones Galaxy A to change the partner price the greater.

On the other hand, the report talked about the intention Samsung to launch series of new phones bearing the name Galaxy M targeting mainly users are most sensitive to the price of gas and ready to spend large sums of money for a smart phone.

No longer talk about changes in the lineup of phones Galaxy smartphones available, as announced the head of the Department of mobile phones in the Korean company recently announced a new strategy for its phones of the middle class and make them more competitive Chinese brands that now controls the lion’s share in some key markets such as China, India and Latin America.

What do you think of this plan? And do you think that Samsung is able to enter the smart phone sector average performance again? We shared your perspective in the comments.

The Post report: Samsung is killing the series phones Galaxy J was first deployed in the are.

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