Report: Samsung may make the phone screen Galaxy S10 substitute for the speaker

Expected to used Samsung the technique of “sound on screen” in the phone associated with the beginning of next year.

We are seeing these days that the pace of changes and technical innovations in the smartphone market took accelerated again, which manufacturers hard to achieve the best use of consumers by using techniques newly developed.

It can be said that currently companies manufacturing smartphones, such as Huawei and Samsung in the race to bring more and more features, especially in relation to the police. The latest of those advantages, “the voice in the screen of” Sound on Display.

But what is the technique of “sound on screen” is? This technique is not born of the moment and not Samsung first came out, as it had been to them by the company Shao in 2016 with her smart phone Mi Mix, which was the first phone in the market with a screen covering the entire facade completely except for a small portion at the bottom allocated for the front camera.

According to this technique, the smartphone uses a vibrator carte within the body of it under the screen panel to act as a headset. So, I don’t need a smartphone to any opening of the external ear. The device is intended the whole and creates sounds with excellent quality.

It seems that Samsung has already succeeded in the development of water for commercial purposes. Therefore, it is very likely that Samsung is implementing the same thing in the Galaxy S10 flagship by the year 2019. With reference to that this feature will help to provide the phone with the screen filled actually increased by 100% if you found a solution for sensors and front camera.

Do you think that we see this tech in the Galaxy S10’s? Do you expect no success? Share your opinion the comments.


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