Report : Samsung phones the most (sense) in 2017

تقرير : هواتف سامسونج الاكثر (إستنساخاً) في 2017
Report : Samsung phones the most (sense) in 2017

A dramatic report published by the company AnTuTu , which provide tests for the new smartphones on the level of performance and details of the system, The report reveals more phones that have been reproduced in 2017.

As you know, there are a large number of Chinese companies don’t they don’t to the issuance of a copy identical of models of smartphones, and their prices are very cheap being like the phones original in form only, of course.

These phones are called clone , the company said that the ratio of these phones that have been tested in our Labs by 2017, amounted to 2.64% .

Of these women, got Samsung phones on the share name in the processes of reproduction, got the Samsung Galaxy S 7 edge (women European) turn on the first place in the times of cloning.

List phone most reproduction in 2017 came as follows :

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