Report: smart speakers will be the fastest growing in the 2018

Market share speakers for smart home grows much faster than technologies such as virtual reality and reality immersive and even wearable devices.

Expected to grow the global market for audio speakers smart home, reaching 56.3 million shipments in 2018, along with prepared to the technique to increase adoption in the consumer market, according to a new report published by Canalys, specialized Market Studies.

This report indicates that the speakers Smart Home will be the fastest growing in 2018, making it a significantly superior hand sales on virtual reality devices and indeed overwhelming and even wearable devices.

It also suggests canales to that Google and Amazon will relate to aviation, manufacturers of such devices through the Google Home, and Amazon Echo, and that the United States is the largest market for this technique with a ratio of 68 percent, i.e. 38.4 million device, from a forecast of sales of these devices globally by 2018, followed by China in second place with 4.4 million devices.

At the same time, the company expects canales also a shift in the way investment speakers smart home in 2018, as instead of focusing mainly on how to sell these devices for new customers, will keep the vendors on things such as advertising or subscription content or premium services to improve the income base of current users.

Concluded the report of the canales to say that this technique is still in transition, so that an increase of investment in the ecosystem by the makers of the multiple will fuel growth significantly.


Source: report: smart speakers will be the fastest growing in 2018

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