Report: tablet Galaxy Tab S4 coming sensor to scan the iris of the eye

Galaxy Tab S4

Most likely Samsung will computer its tablet flagship Galaxy Tab S4 during IFA conference 2018 to be held in the German capital Berlin the end of next month.

Appeared earlier this month, images leaked for the tablet associated with which looks through her that he will come to senses narrow, and will have the Home button on the front end, which is what prompted us then to believe that he will be coming sensor very eye. It seems that we were right.

Galaxy Tab S4

According to a report published by the website SamMobile yesterday, the Galaxy Tab S4 will come with Intelligent Scan that combines Iris scanning and reading the face when you open the device, if failure of one of these two methods will be used other automatically. Because the scanner of the iris of the eye do not work ideally under the light of the sun, the use of technology intelligent scanning Intelligent Scan to unlock the device via facial recognition sounds logical, on the contrary, the decision of the facial features may be more difficult in low-light conditions will cause the device to use the sensor to read the iris.

It is worth mentioning that Galaxy Tab S4 will come with a screen Super AMOLED display, the area of 10.5-inch offers display resolution of up to 2560 x 1600 pixels, as it would be with a processor Snapdragon 835 to the side of the 4 GB as a memory access random 64 GB other memory internal storage. It will also be equipped with a camera background accuracy of 13 megapixel and front-facing 8 megapixel camera andwill get the biggest card of the computer tablet from Samsung with a capacity of 7300 mAh.


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