Report: Tesla working on developing a car battery by yourself pursuit Lanka for Panasonic

تقرير: تسلا تعمل على تطوير بطاريات سيارتها بنفسها سعياً للانفكاك عن باناسونيك

All seeking technical companies to reduce the size of their reliance on suppliers External in its manufacturing of its products, working always to reach the degree of self-sufficiency because of the great impact on the arrangement of our financial plan receiving towards increasing profits .

For the conditions of delivery according to the report, told CNBC on its work on the development of batteries, especially the formation of its electric car, which still depend on the card company Benson you Japanese in cheats downloaded since 2014 to the present day.

Came modern website according to workers in the delivery but the autopsy report revealed that their company is already developing a card of Leith the ion advanced and are now in the process of preparing for its expanded scope to be used in the immediate future on board the cars.

As can be expected such a move from a company like Tesla and CEO like Elon Musk is inseparable from overcoming by his strength; and his desire to occupy the throne of the global electric vehicle industry.

So we see that the manufacture of the batteries by the same company will have a significant impact in cost reduction, also from Panasonic, as they are the car will be compatible with the power and performance that you want to climb, which may also help to see a copy of the car’s electric least cost her $ 25,000.

At the level of the volatile relationships between the company and the delivery of this step in itself from the exactions may occur in the future, the Panasonic recently renewed its investment in the interests of the company “Gigafactorie”, agreed with Toyota to manufacture the car cards with their own electric.

Which means that this step will play a positive role in terms of non bonding company providers external to complete the process of export policies and global markets; or in other words reduce and curb the risk of the impact of external factors in the manufacturing process, the mask previously the blame on the Panasonic in some of the problems encountered in the Tesla Model 3.

Although the Tesla look like a angel made great strides in the process of manufacturing the card of their policies, according to the report, but that doesn’t mean never stand fully on the Panasonic in the short term at the very least, still need to cooperate with the Japanese company at the present time by resolution of avoiding the full.

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