Report: the administration considering blocking encryption

Training Administration the possibility of prohibiting the encryption of the user in applications, such as Apple’s messaging (iMessage) and FaceTime (FaceTime), in addition to rival platforms, such as WhatsApp, and (Signal), in accordance with the offer of a new published by the newspaper Politico (Politico).

Discussed by senior administration officials during a meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) whether it should seek legislation to prohibit technology companies use encryption which can’t be law enforcement agencies, and it is broken.

Such a move provocative re-open a long-running dispute between federal authorities and the Silicon Valley, it was the challenge posed by the displacement of the axis of the National Security Council meeting, which included officials of the second grade in many of the major agencies.

Discussed the senior officials whether they will ask Congress to ban encryption of the type “peer to peer”, which distorts the data so that it can’t read by only the sender and recipient only.

And started technology companies, such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, in increasing their use of the consultation overall in 2014, in order to address the privacy concerns raised by the former contractor with the National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, Edward Snowden, about the mass surveillance.

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In response, the Ministry of justice and the FBI activated the campaign lasted for decades against this feature, arguing that they form a barrier impenetrable in many criminal investigations and counterintelligence.

Argues the Ministry of justice and the FBI to capture criminals and terrorists should be a top priority, even if the encryption is diluted creates a risk of piracy.

While the Ministry of trade and external to this, due to the consequences of the economic and security and diplomatic implications of the weakening of encryption by planting back doors.

And the Department of Homeland Security Division of the interior, aware of the Security Agency’s cyber security infrastructure, the importance of encrypting sensitive data, especially in the operations of critical infrastructure, but the Department of Immigration and customs of America, and the device speed face barriers to consultation during the investigation.

Did not expect the meeting to the final decision, given the existence of opposing views strongly within the government, where the decision to pressure Congress in order to get the required legislation will have far-reaching consequences for the privacy and security of tens of millions of consumers.

As force technology companies, like Apple and Google, to relieve the security features on their smart phones and other devices, while experts agree in general that it is unlikely to endorse the Congress bill demands to weaken the encryption.

Recall that the high-level debate within the National Security Council sheds light on how policy makers struggle with the encoder, said one of the members of the lobbyists and insiders of the discussions: there is the administrative effort a great being concerning what to do about encryption.

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