Report : the faith of the law can be used fully underwater

تقرير : الايفون القادم يمكن استخدامه بشكل كامل تحت الماءReport : the faith of the law can be used fully underwater

Report : the faith of the law can be used fully underwater

Time flies, we’re six months just before reveal Apple is about models of the faith of the new 2019, an event expected to occur next September.

Apple is facing a real problem in the sales of its phone famous , A Maine abating formally through 2019 to second place in the ranking of the most selling smart phones around the world, calculate Chinese Giant Creeper from the back of the Huawei .

But how will Apple for iPhone 2019 is? Apparently, according to the close reports, there won’t be a drastic change in the number of new phones this year, meaning we’ll have 3 models like the previous year : X s and X s Max Wax, all models 2019 .

The main change may come in one of the properties of the new phones : according to tweets published on the Twitter platform, will be added to Apple’s new technology called using the phone is fully under water, not only to protect it from water.

You will be able to screen in the new technology, which would be called (Underwater Mode), you will be able to recognize touch input even when the immersion of the entire screen in water, and thus receive and send calls, and write even in the apps to communicate while diving .

In the context of the last stop of the report itself, I defer to the Apple TV Fire Phone retractable or phone compatible with the networks of the fifth generation, until next year 2020 .

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