Report – the Prohibition of Huawei represents a gift to Apple and Samsung!

The decision to ban Huawei within the United States and the subsequent consequences represent a real threat to the future of the Chinese company, says the Arab proverb that “misfortunes of the Horde when the Horde benefits” so it will be companies like Apple and Samsung benefiting directly and indirectly from this situation!

تقرير - حظر هواوي يمثل هدية لآبل وسامسونج!

Report – the Prohibition of Huawei represents a gift to Apple and Samsung!

Since 2018 could Huawei be changed on the Apple TV to become the second in the world in sales of smartphones however, this may change again after the decision to withhold them within the United States to Apple TV to third place in the still Samsung the content A in the front where this becomes a decision in their favor will make a profit from it, according to a new report prepared by the Center for Research Strategy Analytics and Fubon Research published by Reuters.

Huawei considered the largest source for communications equipment, especially construction and infrastructure for networks of the fifth generation, but the manufacturing industry of smart phones is expected to decline by 23% at least, this decline would be in favor of other companies, mainly Apple and Samsung.

Through 2018 past the Huawei shipped approximately 208 million telephone that represents almost one third of the global market, after the ban comes into force, the Bible says that the numbers Huawei Sep to below 200 million telephone through 2019, while the expected numbers in the conditions of nature was to stay 258 billion phone.

The global downturn is expected to Huawei in the case of the persistence of the crisis is accompanied by a rise of the shares of the company locally within China District Monitoring reports were received from the consumers inside China’s Huawei devices and on the impact that the crisis motivated by a nationalist.

You are the end of Huawei’s inevitable call?!

This question is Pat talking too much on social networks and among users has already been discussed in a previous article we went to that is very unlikely because the company Huawei with the weight of a great technique and is able to overcome this and to provide alternatives for all forms of prohibition.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of trade of America had slipped in part from the decision of the ban by giving Huawei wait 90 days until the end of August to take all necessary measures to maintain its existing, during this period it is expected to solve the crisis politically between the governments of the United States and China after trade disputes existing between them, has been declared President Trump has already said that he is open to closing the deal with China includes solving the crisis of Huawei.

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