Report: U.S. government seeks to convince its allies not to use computers, phones, Huawei

تقرير: الحكومة الأمريكية تسعى لإقناع حلفائها بعدم استخدام أجهزة وهواتف هواوي

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal to the work of the U.S. government to convince the allied countries to stop using the devices the Chinese company Huawei as the motivations and fears of security as claimed, it had in the former the Prohibition of the use of devices Huawei by government officials in all areas in the United States, the source reported that officials in the U.S. government have met with their counterparts in Japan, Italy, Germany, and discussed the provision of incentives financial support that you choose to stop using pieces of the Chinese company.

And it seems the behavior of the United States in this file risk for it since the cities are trying to stop the expansion of Chinese companies technical as allegations that you spying for the Chinese government, See also network of the fifth generation of risk occurs due to the use of a number of international equipment Huawei in the construction of them which made them play on this chord in the midst of warning the partner states of the consequences of its fall, under penalty of intrusions and the protection of trade.

In a response by Huawei on Wall Street expressed concern and amazed by the efforts of the official U.S. currency this approach to influence its allies, and wondered if the powers of the American government extend and challenge the scope of its jurisdiction, it is worth mentioning that the company developed on the background of accusations of spying former exile news and emphasize that they operate separately and independent of the Chinese government in addition to open the center in both the UK and Germany to inspect their equipment and the identity of its defects and security vulnerabilities.

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