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Knowledge of Statistics and peruse continuous on reports and data relating to the manufacture, your group or your industry; it is indispensable and extremely in the online world. This is not too different when it comes to marketing with video, so that the statistics will help you systematically to make effective decisions based on Statistics and numbers are real, and not just intuition and guesswork. The problem is not in having the statistics of the lack of it; in the extent of the quality and effectiveness on these statistics and numbers.

Of problems relating to the reports found on the internet in the industry of video marketing, they are targeting a different market, the mechanisms of how to use in the West and countries such as European countries and others, may differ radically from use in the Arab world; and is reviewed here today a set of Statistics revealed by the report of company ABC , which was launched few days ago about video marketing within the Arab homeland.

One-third of companies don’t use video marketing.

It seems that the house in the Arab world are a little different, and some companies still have fears of entering the world of Marketing video, you begin to rely on video as an effective means to deliver marketing messages and communicate with the audience. The report shows that about 30% of the companies in the Arab world do not use video marketing, and do not play any role within their marketing strategy.

It is worth mentioning also that these women will tell a little bit, since most of the companies that have not yet started the application, have the thought present in their mind and study, especially budding entrepreneurs who believe that the budget will be a hindrance between them and video marketing.

Video marketing is not effective and positive on companies in the Arab world

The report showed that 60% of companies within the Arab world say that video marketing has helped them in one way or another in achieving their marketing objectives, strengthen how they communicate with the masses. The type of effect it varies from one company to another, some companies effect for him is more visits to the website, and therefore ranks higher in the ranking of Google, and then more sales and the emergence of more and more.

Some other companies success for him is the direct effect on profits, which can be marketing the video actually achieve, through included inside the landing page, or product page inside e-store, etc. despite the different goals, but that the effect was present.

Measurement continues to be a major problem for businesses and professionals

The majority of companies that couldn’t see the effect of video marketing; it was the reason for that simply is that they are not able to measure the effectiveness or success of the marketing activities as a whole, marketing video especially. Often forget the giant companies behind the metrics common regardless of the availability of these metrics with their goals of Marketing; the main reason also may be due to the lack of the objectives of the marketing process the marketing video.

Shopping on the scales is actually important which you should put in mind when you measure your performance marketing with video, you can download the book free from the preparation of the company wars around video metrics Marketing from here.

Social networking is the primary engine marketing video

The report showed that most companies rely on social networking for promotion and marketing of video clips that are trending, reasoned that the extent of the spread and the access that gives them social networks at an acceptable cost. Also worth noting that networks of Twitter and Instagram was to them the biggest part of the adoption of the companies during the marketing of the video; which gives a signal for companies to increase attention to these networks, especially in countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

This ratio has been very simple from the statistics contained in the report, but the report is rich in more and more stats that will help you in understanding the industry of video marketing better, then adjust the directions after that to succeed. You can download the full report free from here.


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