Report: Vietnam hackers used to penetrate the BMW and the Hyundai

Report: Vietnam hackers used to penetrate the BMW and Hyundai

Media said the German hackers who is suspected of having links to the Vietnamese government may have infiltrated the networks of my company car industry: (BMW) BMW, and(Hyundai) Hyundai.

According to the report – published by the site Bayerischer Rundfunk and Taggesschau – the hackers infiltrated the network of a branch (BMW) sometime during the spring of 2019. It is alleged that the attackers installed on the host hardware designed toolkit for penetration testing known as Cobalt Strike, which they use as a backdoor in the network hacker.

It is assumed that the (BMW) allowed the hackers to continue in its network, and all their movements, and then cut off their access through the end of last week, any late the month of November last.

According to distributors, the Germans, the hackers who infiltrated the network (BMW) were also behind the breakthrough company (Hyundai), but they did not provide any additional details on the second breakout. But they pointed out that the group that stands behind the penetration of the two companies differ in the target companies of the automotive industry. It is believed that the group known as Ocean Lotus or APT32 mounted attacks on behalf of the Vietnamese government.

According to reports, the group is active since 2014. While the initial attacks had focused on the penetration of foreign companies operating in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, however, the group began since the year 2017 in the targeting of the car industry on an ongoing basis.

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Before the new revelations about the targeting of my company (BMW) and(Hyundai), has risen in the name of the group publicly attacked (Toyota Australia). Weeks later, revealed (Toyota Japan) and(Toyota Vietnam) for breakthroughs similar.

And many of the experts that the Vietnamese government are going in the footsteps of China in the use of hacking groups to do the trade, economic and foreign companies, steal intellectual property, then use it to buy their state-funded.

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