Report: watch Galaxy Watch from Samsung is coming with Galaxy Note9

Confirmed the report from South Korea that the smart watch will not work system Wear OS as it was expected it will be running Tizen OS of Samsung

Some reports published during the past two months that Samsung intends to re-hours by smart under the umbrella of its brand Galaxy, so the next generation of her watch smart, who was considered initially that will Gear S4, you might be launched is actually the name of Galaxy Watch.

And information regarding the hourly and previously unknown is the date of the announcement, it was expected that the company intends to advertise through its participation in the exhibition IFA 2018 in the German capital Berlin beginning of September and the foot. But a new report from South Korea claims that Samsung plans to announce the coast to the side of her smart phone Galaxy Note9 on 9 August next, even they will are available for sale with the phone as of 24 August.

Also note that changing the name of the former of the Gear S4 to the Galaxy Watch may mean that the South Korean company decided to also use the OS Wear OS instead of the Tizen OS, but a new report denies it, and asserts that the smart watch will be running a subsidiary of Samsung, and they will come by two differ from each other in size.

Do you think that Samsung have to use the system Wear OS instead of the Tizen OS? Share your opinion in the comments.


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