Report – Why is it so hard for Apple to add a fifth-generation phones iPhone 12 coming?!

According to the last reports from the website Fast Company , the Apple has manufactures antennas Antennas in phones Evo 12 supporting networks of the fifth generation because they are not satisfied with antennas manufactured by Qualcomm.تقرير - لماذا يصعب على ابل إضافة الجيل الخامس في هواتف ايفون 12 القادمة؟!

According to the report, which transfer information from a source familiar with the case, the Apple didn’t like the design of the antenna Qualcomm allotted for the reception of the wave of fifth-generation limit, known as the QTM 525 because it was not appropriate for the developed by Apple for her phones.

The antennas or the Antennas are part of the phone devoted to the reception of electromagnetic waves of wireless to electrical current and vice versa, whether in the office or when you connect to the internet via a phone’s data.

This part is independent of modem fifth generation built-in to the motherboard inside the phone, which will expect Qualcomm manufactured exclusively for Apple, because Apple does not produce this type of information yet. Modem Qualcomm which will be used in phones Evo 12 is known as Qualcomm X55 is the download speed can theoretically reach up to 7 Gb/s.

تقرير - لماذا يصعب على ابل إضافة الجيل الخامس في هواتف ايفون 12 القادمة؟!

Apple also has a backup plan to design Evo 12 uses all of the season and the antenna with Qualcomm in the case of a failure in the antenna design the way you want, but in this case you may have to increase the thickness of the faith.

Apple does not manufacture antennas already!

Pointed out the site of Fast Company that Apple left the industry antennas in phones days ago Phone iPhone 4 designed antennas by uncontrolled technology which led to the occurrence of the network losing calls and other problems when I was using the phone in a manner covering the antennas.

According to the last report of the design you want Apple antennas in phones Evo 12 consumes twice the energy almost to the same performance and antennas of the other available which is a challenge in front of her.

The design and production of antennas to ad hoc networks of fifth generation 5G of the Treaty on the limit mmWave harder than the production of antennas and other traditional because they rely on sending and receiving high frequencies where there is no room for error, the performance of the antenna it is linked to the performance and speed fifth-generation networks on the device.

Also there are other risks the occurrence of problems due to the use of an antenna and the production of different companies in the phones Evo 12 next.

For sure we Year phones the faith of the working networks of the fifth generation this year, regardless of the intention of Apple to make modifications in the design or not. You may be driving Apple behind it considerations the honest design may be other reasons lie in her desire to use less number of components Qualcomm in the faith and not wanting to pay more money to private, and that both of the two companies combines their long history of conflicts and disputes judicial is not solved only recently.

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