Report: Zuckerberg warned Trump about the rise of Chinese tech companies

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg warned President Donald Trump at a White House dinner last October that Chinese tech companies pose a direct threat to US businesses, according to the Wall Street Journal , citing About people familiar with the matter.

Zuckerberg has argued that cracking down on these companies should have more priority than curbing Facebook. Around dinner, Zuckerberg warned US officials and lawmakers that Chinese tech companies pose a threat to American values and the country's tech dominance. It is also said: The tech giant has indicated that TikTok, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, does not share Facebook's commitment to freedom of expression.

Republican Rep. Tom Cotton and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer – who met Zuckerberg in September – called for a TikTok investigation in October. A National Security Review was launched soon after, and Trump signed an executive order blocking the app earlier this month due to national security concerns.

TikTok is a major competitor to the Facebook business. The social video sharing app, which has grown in popularity in recent months, competes directly with Instagram. Given the size of the Tik Tok audience, it is likely that companies will pay for advertising space on Tik Tok rather than Instagram or Facebook.

White House Commercial Counselor (Peter Navarro) told CNBC today, Monday, that Zuckerberg has "no influence" when it comes to TikTok, and that the report "has no credibility."

A Facebook spokesperson told CNBC on Monday, “Mark has never called for a TikTok ban. He has repeatedly stated publicly that the biggest competitors for US technology companies are Chinese companies, with values that are inconsistent with democratic ideals such as freedom of expression. It is absurd to suggest that longstanding national security concerns – raised by policymakers on both sides – were shaped by Mark's statements alone.

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