Reports back from the new emphasis on the availability of the Xbox economic of the new generation and more details!


Back rumors of a new to confirm that project Xbox Scarlett is already a component of the device having been denied it in the past, the most powerful Anaconda and weaker Lockhart and who frequents it will be dedicated to the work of 1080p, and maybe looking at Microsoft as the economical option for players who don’t want to spend a lot of money at the beginning of the army whether on the device or for upgrade of TV their own.

Media Jason Schreier of network cottage Greco stated that the device will have a processor of new generation and storage the SSD but Ram will be less difference of the principal organ of the Anaconda, and the developers are not happy they were forced to work on the models with different capacities of the machine. With that the wizard makes the key difference between this device and between the current-gen consoles like PS4 Pro.

Anyway, a few weeks separate us from the beginning of the New Year and no doubt we will hear more details about Microsoft’s plans for the next generation in 2020.

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