Reports confirm reduced Huawei to the requests of its smart phones in the second half of the current year and the company’s implementation!

Huawei P30 Pro --

Confirmed new report on the website of Digitimes that Huawei is moving to reduce its requests to the flagship smartphones of the company, which plans to charge her for the second half of this year, and has confirmed a report from Bloomberg that the sales managers in the Chinese company are expecting a decline in sales in very large ranging between 40 to 60 million devices.

Reports confirm that Huawei will do its utmost to expand its share in Chinese market even the back of this expected decline in sales, but the response of the media official of the company different than reported by these reports, the terms of the transfer of Huawei’s Central statement from the company has denied these reports and confirmed that the process of the production of its phones natural and in the rate of their usual without rising or falling.

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