Reports : hours Apple Watch 6 you will get additional improvements next year

Revealed to the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo in his latest reports that Apple intends to add more improvements for the next generation of Apple Watch which is expected to carry the name of the Apple Watch Series 6 will be released with the faith of the 12 in September 2020.

What you talk about Analyst, very logical especially that the fifth version of the former did not offer much on the level of gear so it is natural to say Apple made several improvements to the hardware include improvements to the partner processor to become the seventh fastest performance in addition to improved network connection speed.

Also includes improvements to the battery and update the screen to the screens microLED the report mentions the new version is made of materials new manufacturing non-manufacturing Current, such as theceramic less steel.

On the other side reports that Apple is happy the warm reception for its smart where statistics show last that the police try control 50% of the smart watch market around the world.


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