Research reveals how to double the battery life of phones 5 times

One of the advantages that he wants the user to always of every phone is longer battery life. Maybe it’s not about the capacity of the battery free the more capacity you’ll want what is best. Although the batteries currently have reached a level of awesome where provide the use of a day and more if with a large capacity, however, it seems we might move on to the planed another soon.

A research team specialized in nanotechnology from Norway, maybe causing an increase in the age of the battery current for more than five-fold depending on what comes up in their search, which is probably a speed up to increase the age of the batteries after the rate of increase slow current.

Preferably have knowledge of the work of the batteries that the silicone might be a better alternative for the graphite currently used in batteries. But the torrent involved preclude its use, where it is determined by 400% during the work leading to the collapse of the performance of the battery and configured faster than the graphite, so it’s level.

The new solution discovered by the Norwegian team is the use of a combination between silicon and graphite gives a longer lifespan without collapsing the battery rapidly, which will enable the manufacture of batteries aged longer for smartphones and any other product works with a battery, like laptops and electric cars.

Are handled by a company called Kjeller Innovation the responsibility to convert the project to industrial applications where a given company is already the name of Silicon X and in negotiations already with a number of companies manufacture batteries using a new technique.

Although we still don’t know more about that tech has not been applied industrially until now, however, the case record or developed by one of the companies, surely you will find a lot of funds during the coming period especially if of companies that carry a strong name in the current smartphone market.

It is not when smart phone manufacturers but also manufacturers of laptops which is a very big market, as it may be a leap for electric cars, if that happened where that the battery is one of the most important parts of the vehicle electrical m not the most important. A lot of major companies operating in each of these, which leaves it open to any possibility to apply this technique in industry to reach the user’s hand.

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