Researchers are finding tens of thousands of apps fake on the Play Store

Recent research shows that the App Store (Play Store) Play Store operating system Android still contains thousands of apps and games counterfeit which is used a way to install malicious software on mobile devices working for.

Analyzed the research , which took two years – aggrah researchers from the University of Sydney, the Commonwealth Foundation and the Commonwealth for scientific and Industrial Research Data61 – more than a billion Android app on home. They found a number of alarming of application that pretends to be apps and games legitimate.

The researchers said in the study: “we’ve managed to find a 2,040 a fake version of a potential to contain malware in a range of 49,608 applications showed great similarity with one of the best 10,000 applications famous in the store Google Play“. They added: “We also found QR 1.565 a fake version of a potential request of at least five dangerous permissions additional compared to the application of the original, and 1,407 copy fake potential not at least five libraries ads from third parties”.

The researchers said: if games like: Temple Run, and Free Flow, and Hill Climb Racing, it was among the more apps view to find the fake ones.

To conduct the study, the researchers designed a network of neurological damage to the cultural identify similarities in application icons, which proves that it can deceive the users of the two sides in download app fake no pattern of image icons similar.

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After the discovery of the million apps in the (Play Store), download researchers the. APK file of that app, and collected by category of application, and visual stimulation of the joint between the applications. They also took into account the descriptions of the texts stolen the 10 best thousands of Common Application in the Play Store. Then I found a machine learning model developed by 49,608 a fake version possible.

And researchers from specific applications after that search for malware, using the API with a tool to search for malware online to (Virus Total) VirusTotal – which was acquired by Google in 2012, then turned to security firm Cyber sister to Google under the umbrella of the name of the new is (Chronicle) Chronicle in the year 2018.

As the research has examined the permissions required by these apps, and the ad of the external that comes with it, but noted that about 35% of the applications no longer exist on Play Store and”has it been removed because of customer complaints”.

Referred to as that Google benefited from the service (Google Play Protech) Google Play Protect as a way to secure Android devices from applications that may be harmful. She also emphasized the context of its special surface area; as a result, increased the number of applications rejected applications by more than 55%, and increased applications inactivated by more than 66%, as reported by the company.

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