Researchers are finding that the bracelets fitness overestimating calories burned


Bracelets fitness very fascinating to know the distance you covered and calories you have burned, but it seems that you don’t have to deal with those numbers on it is accurate. The reason for this is that researchers at the University of Aberystwyth University, they tested the many tracking devices fitness to discover that most of those devices don’t know the exact figures with the knowledge that the error rate in some of those devices up to 50 percent.

What this means is that if you are planning to use those measurements and the amount of calories burned for the system you are, then maybe you shouldn’t. due to the fact that some of those devices are not accurate, which may lead some users to overestimate the calories that they burn which has affected the amount of food they choose to eat.

It also seems that this exaggeration in the report vary from one activity to another. For example, the bracelet’s fitness Fitbit Charge 2, which are among the bracelets of fitness that has been tested, has reduced the amount of calories burned by 4% during the jogging, which we believe is acceptable. But when walking, it has overestimated its number of calories burned by 50% which may be dangerous if you follow a strict regime of calories.

During his interview with the BBC X-Ray, said Dr. Thatcher : ” if you want to know the exact number of calories you burn during your exercise session, no matter which device you use, you should interpret the data with some caution “. However, if you are using a bracelet, fitness for stimulus or measuring your progress, we assume that it should not represent a big problem in fact.

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