Researchers develop an application that works to increase battery life in smart phones

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We have seen how connected many companies to the different ways to increase battery life in smart phones. However, this comes usually at the expense of performance and functionality. However, it seems that researchers at the University of Waterloo have succeeded already in creating an application that works on prolonging battery life smart phone without compromising performance.

This app is designed with taking Android phones into consideration, specifically because it will benefit from the adjustment feature of the Windows built-in system. Basically, what this app does is that when applications open in multiple windows, it will reduce the brightness levels for the applications is important, which will in turn reduce the amount of energy that target the phone’s screen.

According to Mr. Kshirasagar Naik, a professor in the electrical and Computer Engineering at the University, has stated by saying : ” We have developed an app that users can install on their devices, use it to reduce the brightness of the applications is crucial. So, when you interact with one application, decrease the brightness level of the other window thereby to reduce the power consumption of the device “.

Based on their choices to investigate with 200 users of smart phones, it was discovered that the app managed to extend the battery life by Between 10% and 25%. Unfortunately, you cannot download the application by general users at the present time, in addition to a limitation of the app, it only works on smartphones with screens OLED instead of devices with LCD screens. However, they are an interesting feature we hope to take Google or other manufacturers of Android devices in mind as a feature in the future.


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