Researchers develop system of artificial intelligence that predicts the date of death by 90%


The researchers developed a system of intelligence artificial revolutionary new, is an algorithm used deep learning deep learning to predict the promise of death of hospital patients accurately rate reaches 90%, and although the idea of prediction of a person is worrying, however, researchers from Stanford University made it possible to achieve this in a noble cause, and that in order to provide appropriate care at the end of the work for the hospital.

The web site ibtimes British that people who suffer from diseases of the terminal in dire need of care at the end of the work, in addition to specialized therapies that aim to improve the quality of life, protecting them from the symptoms of stress, and in order to manage it properly, the first thing doctors need to know is how much time you may live of the patient.


This is the reason why the researcher. artificial intelligence to buy a set of the results that would be incurred on training the deep learning algorithm to learn any patients who are more likely to die in the near future.

Benefited researchers of electronic health records for patients, such as diagnosis, procedures, scans, and drugs for about 160 thousand sick adults and children hospital Stanford and Lucille Packard children.

Predicted the system properly mortality in 90% of cases, and 95% of those who have less chances of death, according to the system, have already lived longer than the above period, where the system was incredibly good in run trial the researchers hope to use it heavily during the next period.

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