Researchers in the field of artificial intelligence are earning vast sums

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The form of salary and bonuses which huge experts can artificial intelligence get one of the most important secrets of Silicon Valley, but in case you are looking for technical jobs with high salaries it should focus on this area, depending on the fact that the Board you are looking for, according to a new report by the New York Times, which indicates that researchers in the field of artificial intelligence AI to make a fortune through this area, where up salaries to millions of dollars in some cases.

The report cites the deposit of tax by the research laboratory is a non-profit called OpenAI, which is the Elon musk, CEO of electric car maker Tesla and other characters known technical opening during 2015, the terms of payment of this lab, the researcher, the main has Ilya Sutskever more than $ 1.9 million in 2016.

As payment laboratory researcher post Ian Goodfellow in the amount of 800 thousand dollars, although it is not hired until the month of March of that year, was appointed both by Google, while Pieter Abbeel third big name in this field, an expert of automated robots, who made 425 thousand dollars, although he did not join until June 2016 after he got off from his job as a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

The report recommends that these amounts include all rewards and bonuses, while the figures from tax forms, which ask the research laboratory of the OpenAI released publicly because it is a non-profit corporation, provides a new perspective on what you pay products around the world of artificial intelligence, but this compensation and the amounts paid by the laboratory may be less than these researchers obtained, depending on being a non-profit organization.

According to the report, the high salaries of researchers in the field of artificial suddenly comes back to not having many people who understand this technology, there are thousands of companies that try to enter this field and need expert researchers, the laboratory offers independent Element Artificial Intelligence that there are 22 thousand people around the world have the skills necessary to do the research to artificial intelligence, serious, double what it was a year ago.

The company is a giant in the field of technology, usually to compensate employees through stock options, salaries and bonuses, an option not available for laboratory OpenAI depending on being a non-profit organization, however, the lab was spent in the first year of about $ 11 billion, with more than $ 7 million go to salaries and other benefits to employees, where the laboratory in 2016 and employ 52 people.

The report adds that specialists in the field of artificial intelligence who have little experience or without experience in this field they can earn between 300 and 500 thousand dollars annually through payroll and stocks, while the names of the famous in this area and get a payout up to millions of dollars.

According to filings of the annual financial lab of Google Inc. in Britain, the total costs of the 400 employees working in the Laboratory of artificial intelligence DeepMind owned currently buy Google about $ 138 million in 2016, this translates to 345 thousand dollars for each employee, including researchers and other staff.

May get some researchers to higher wages because their names carry weight across the community of artificial intelligence can assist in the recruitment of other researchers, including the researcher Ilya Sutskever, who was part of a research team consisting of three researchers at the University of Toronto, who in turn swallowed the key technical vision computing, while smiled and researcher Ian Goodfellow technology that allows machines to create digital images of the fakes are indistinguishable from real.

It should be noted that the numbers of researchers in the field of artificial intelligence, available in the growing, but those numbers don’t grow fast enough, as demand for such talent is growing faster than supply is expected to form new researchers, this means that it will be difficult for companies to retain her talents, as during the past year, after only 11 months in the OpenAI usually Ian Goodfellow to Google.

As he left Pieter Abbeel laboratory to create a company Embodied Intelligence emerging Robotics, with the registration of the same as a consultant part-time within the OpenAI, and left another researcher of the laboratory is Andrej Karpathy to become the head of the Department of artificial intelligence at the Tesla company which also built the Autonomous driving technology.

Researchers in the field of artificial intelligence are earning vast sums

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