Researchers say training an artificial intelligence to figure out Alzheimer’s in patients


Usually I have a lot of patients develop symptoms suggesting the disease effectively, because of this, usually be helpful in identifying more serious problem. This is what researchers tried to do when they trained an artificial intelligence to help in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in patients before the doctor says so.

In a study published in the journal Radiology, researchers in California to develop an artificial intelligence was able to diagnose patients with Alzheimer’s disease based on the operations of the brain scans that were made years ago. The training of the artificial intelligence that through the use of existing patients who make sure of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and found by the researchers is that artificial intelligence that’s able to spot the disease early compared to the actual fitting.

Have been using this with images of FDG-PET that have been used to detect in the previous note that the PDG is the name given to a radioactive glucose that is injected in the blood stream of the person. Is absorption of glucose in the body, and because of its radioactivity, can be to clear the PET can tell the metabolic activity of the tissue based on the amount of absorption of FDG, which can also be used as a guide to Alzheimer’s disease.

However, while tests have demonstrated initial success, he confessed to the researchers that the amount of data used in the test are still too few to be decisive already. However, it was explained these researchers they are planning to use the algorithm on a packet data larger in the future.


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