Researchers set record in Internet speed more than 40 terabits

Researchers set record in Internet speed more than 40 TB


He said researchers from universities: Monash, the وSwinburne, and RMIT Australian: they have achieved a new record in the speed of the internet amounted to 44.2 Tbps, according to research published in the journal Nature Communications open.

And this speed is enormous in the internet to download content more than 50-disc from Blu-ray Ultra HD with a capacity of 100 GB in just one second. Has been achieved this speed at a distance of over 75 kilometers of fiber-optic standard using source-chip integrated one, which means that it can benefit existing infrastructure of Fiber One Day.

The researchers said the trend reflects the infrastructure used by the National Broadband Network the Australian. Results represent “a world record bandwidth”, according to the professor of the University of Swinburne (David David), who is a member of the team responsible.

Said co-author of the study and lecturer at the University of Monash (Bill Corcoran): “what explains Our research is the ability of the fiber that we already have in the ground, thanks to the draft NBN, to be the backbone of communications networks now and in the future.” He added: “We have developed something scalable to meet future needs”.

Researchers set record in Internet speed more than 40 TB

Enables researchers to achieve these speeds thanks to a technology called (comb exact) micro-comb and provide a way to more efficiently compressed for data transfer. This comb is small and within the fiber cable in the researchers say: it’s the first time you use the technique in a field experiment.

Now, researchers say: the challenge is to transform the Technical into something that can be used with existing infrastructure. They added: “in the long term, we hope to create chips and optical integrated can achieve this kind of data rate via a novel fiber-optic current lowest cost”.

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