Researchers succeed in developing the liquid metal programmable

liquid metal

When you think of the term ” Liquid Metal | Liquid Metal“, it comes to your mind movie Terminator 2. And now it looks like he was taking an extra step toward that future because it turns out now that a group of researchers managed to create Liquid Metal programmable.

The development of liquid metal which responds to the call by scientists at the University of Sussex and the University of Swansea by finding the method to apply the electric charge on the liquid metal which makes it able to change its shape. In their experiments, they managed to make the liquid metal programmable line and turns into three-dimensional forms such as letters, and even the heart.

According to co-researcher in the project at the University of Sussex, Mr. Yutaka Tokuda, has stated by saying : ” this new class of materials programmable in a liquid state which can be transformed dynamically format the Diagonal is simple to many complex geometric shapes in a controlled manner “.

Researcher, Yutaka Tokuda also how this can lead to the emergence of a new type of technology such as soft robots and even young flexible. ” While this project is still in its infancy, the evidence presented on the talk detailed two-dimensional in the liquid metal provokes us to explore more potential applications in Computer Graphics, electronics, smart, Robotics, soft, and flexible “. It may take some time before we see practical use for the liquid is programmable, but the research certainly looks promising.


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