Residents of the United States suspected of developing nuclear reactor in the garage of his house

In mid-2019, in the Wake of the popular TV series “Chernobyl”, we wrote about the existence in Russia of at least ten nuclear reactors and told about their level of security. But did you know that there is a danger that these reactors can be created by novice chemists right in the garage of his house? Rescue service aware of such a danger, therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that after a call about building such a reactor in the us state of Ohio they had to evacuate at least 40 houses. About the device reported by the inventor himself, who is in the call to 911 reported receiving burns and has mentioned the terms “alpha wave” and “particle accelerator”.

The Creator of “nuclear reactor” will be tested on mental health

Details about the incident shared edition of Daily Mail. A call to the emergency rescue service received 5 December at about 18:15 p.m. from a resident of the area called Chippenham. The identity of the caller was not disclosed, but we know that he told rescuers about the burns, which were received during the development of the “generator of quantum physics.” In the course of further conversation the man said that it had developed a fusion reactor and particle accelerator alpha waves which shocked him. Rescuers came to the conclusion that in Ohio there was a strong radiation leak and immediately rushed to help.

After a call to the emergency services, neighbours, the men had to be evacuated

Is it possible to create a nuclear reactor?

Rescuers were alerted about the incident experts on nuclear weapons, the bomb squad and the bomb squad and soon potentially threatened block was cordoned off. 40 residents of nearby homes were evacuated, and the garage, which could be nuclear reactor, has been compromised. However, instead of a radioactive device in the home the lab was discovered just something to store electric charge, which is a little different from the usual capacitor.

The identity of the Creator of the “nuclear reactor” was not disclosed, but here’s his picture

Upon further inspection of the garage any other dangerous objects has not been found and people were allowed back in the house. The man who made the call in service of rescue, was taken by ambulance to be evaluated for mental illness. If he has not discovered any problems with the psyche, he expects a big fine for prompting panic or even imprisonment. As for his physical health, he is almost completely healthy — burn from the condenser was slightly, and check for radiation exposure turned out negative.

And you know about the existence of a pacemaker with a built-in nuclear reactor?

In the United States was created a homemade nuclear reactor

However, the rescuers took a very right decision, immediately went to the scene of the accident. The fact is, that history is one case when a young chemist gathered in the basement of his house is really a working reactor with radiation 1,000 times higher than the usual figures. The inventor of the device was a 17-year-old David Khan, who from early childhood tried to get all the elements from the periodic table using components of household appliances. It came to the point that in 1995 he began to get even radioactive particles.

David Hahn and his laboratory

Realizing that he created a radioactive device, the guy tried to bury him in the woods, and this aroused the suspicion of the police. In the end, his invention was buried in a nuclear waste dump, and the parents were fined $ 60,000 to cover the costs.

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In the future, already matured chemist managed to stay depressed, to serve in the us army, to serve 3 months in prison after suspicions about the development of a new reactor and to pass the test for the presence of obsessions. In the end, David Khan died in 2016 of alcohol poisoning.

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