Resort cancel plans to launch Razer Phone 3 has been cancelled phones section full

After the murmurs didn’t last long. the company announced the resort in an official statement that it had begun already in the process of downsizing staff department phones extracted newly in a company where the exploitation of some and the other for the other sections.

The company announced that it took about 30 employees in the Department of the phones edges 2% of the total employees in the company confirmed it’s cancelled, too many future projects as part of the restructuring to improve the profitability of the company and the continued growth in the future.

Reiser didn’t learn a text about the cancellation of plans to launch phone razor iPhone 3 but this concept of implicit, where the company confirmed it is prepared in the sale of phone Razer Phone 2 and supported by the constant updates but will look for other opportunities in the field of games on mobile devices.


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