Respect of the conflict of the American Chinese and loss to the parties

The decision to Trump the Prohibition of Huawei’s products second-largest smart phone manufacturers in the world and cooperate with them in any way in the United States, it wasn’t good news for the Chinese in the first place, but its impact on major companies on its head, Apple, Google, and Ko you and others. What is the impact of this ban on those companies?

After the announcement of the Google company to stop cooperation with Huawei and other companies, Huawei received another blow to the double achingly, where the two companies announced the severance of relations with the two companies of the Wi-Fi Alliance and the microSD after delivery of their order management Trump to stop working with Huawei.

According to some reports, the company has the Wi-Fi Alliance temporarily restrict the alliance with Huawei. While the company SD the announcement of cutting ties with Huawei permanently as of now. This is undoubtedly a big loss to buy a Huawei because the company Wi-Fi Alliance is responsible for the development of Wi-Fi adoption. Similarly, the SD industry standards for memory cards SD used in the devices of digital cameras and phones.

Why keep track of all the companies of America asked the government of America so fast?

Very briefly and without complications, for months, has warned Australia and the United States of the seriousness of the 5G technology associated with especially in the intelligence trade. After long negotiations from the US side and intense on this matter, submitted reports accusing Huawei share information of its users with the Chinese government. And that’s why the United States has taken the recent decision to launch a strong campaign against the Chinese company Huawei, to prevent the dominance of China on 5G technology and use it to. Thus the president signed the American Donald Trump is the national security the Prohibition of the products of Huawei in the United States. As a result companies are starting to learn to cut ties with her.

The outcome of the war on the Huawei

Huawei is the second largest phone manufacturer in the world and cut ties with her is bound to affect in one way or another on companies that deal with them directly whether the manufacturer of the chip I own or even the operating system, or you might say China, despite the Prohibition of American companies in China such as Apple and many other American companies. But such decisions are difficult for consumers where they have to suffer in this trade war between the United States and China. What the results of that boycott on those companies?

Google lose $ 425 billion annually after the ban on Huawei

The firm revealed an Equity Research named the Nomura Instinet for this loss and proclaimed explicitly. Unfortunately you can’t Google do anything about this loss as long as Huawei is in the Black List.

According to Instinet, the have Huawei 500 million users for smartphones all over the world 52% of them are in China alone, where the Google Store. Other markets that have a significant impact on this resolution is Asia excluding China, and Europe.

I’ve taken Google a huge amount of sales, the Google Play Store in 2018 amounted to $ 7 billion, including $ 388 million of the Huawei phones only the most important market for sales is Europe.

The report also stated that the impact of that loss on Google will not continue for a long time. Because a lot of people will move from Huawei to the other phones lack of Google products in spite of the declaration of Huawei for its own operating system, but users don’t know that for sure yet.

China pollution ban Apple in China

As a result of that province, the China is the other can reply and revenge, and that would be through the Prohibition of products is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world of trading in China.

It has been estimated one of the analysts, gold Sachs, that if Apple will change in China, could lose nearly 29% of their profits if China continued to ban. China is responsible for 17% of the sales of Apple products, and it may be this prohibition as disturbing news for Apple.

But fortunately that this is all just assumptions, it’s not about the China ban Apple for sure, otherwise the losses will be huge from China hand understanding of the difficult choices. However, it will be blocked to serve as a permit to Trump that China is not bullied and the threat of such decisions, and can take brave decisions also. Do you think that China is possible to be accused of and step by step similar?

Apple plans to move production lines to India

Although there is speculation that Apple is looking to move production lines to India, and that it will help in the development of the market there, however, Apple will face many difficulties. Says the analyst of Goldman, to this step do not prefer but if Apple is thinking of switching permanently from China. And if it did, it would be to this effect on the system technology in China and the local.

Apple go to buy a Pegatron plant in Indonesia to assemble the devices the MacBook and the iPad

Company plans Year Taiwan to assemble the devices the MacBook and the iPad in the center of Batam in Indonesia mediated by the company PT Sat Nusapersada. This was confirmed by Abdin uncontrollably two, executive chairman of the company, where he said that the products will be shipped to the United States without specifying the name of the company, believed to be Apple in the first place.

The report says that the Company Is year invested 300 million dollars to renovate two stations in Indonesia.

The transfer of production lines out of China may help Apple avoid exposure to tariffs in the trade war escalating between the United States and China. Reports allege that the company Foxconn has already started the pilot production categories iPhone X in India.

Enjoy the many international and especially European Economic Relations strong with China, many are still attracted to the products of Huawei’s low-cost. Unlike the United States, which represented only a small proportion of the revenue of Huawei. Make decisions similar to the decisions of the United States is difficult for that state. In the month of last March, said Germany, which is one of the largest European markets of Huawei, it will not prevent the company from using 5G technology, but it will instead of safety standards whether to buy a Huawei or other companies.

Will the Chinese respond to the sanctions Trump without looking at the implications of it? Tell us in the comments.


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