Response to ban Huawei, the Chinese boycott the iPhone

Share each of Apple and Huawei in the trade war between the United States and China, where increased tension during the past few weeks, after the Prohibition of Huawei gained the movement of “boycott Apple” force in China, and many in the country, helping the technology giant domestic Huawei, and the attack on the Apple TV at all levels in China until the politicians lost the Chinese diplomat attacked Apple on Twitter, saying that Huawei has “cut the Apple into pieces”, but it’s funny that he posted his tweet from your iPhone.

The Chinese want to ban Huawei

ردًا على حظر Huawei الصينيون يقاطعون Apple وشعار التفاحة المُقطعة ليس مزحةResponse to ban Huawei, the Chinese boycott the Apple logo, the Apple cut is not a joke

According to Bloomberg, the Zhao Legian deputy chief of mission at the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad to publish the tweet came as follows: ” I have detected the reason why Trump to buy from China so much so that I think fighting it is a case of emergency a national, look at the logo of Huawei, I cut the Apple into pieces” has been based Chinese diplomat in his tweet to logo Huawei which already seems as an Apple was cut into slices.

The logo of the Huawei that looks like an apple cut into slices-not a new joke where they use a lot of the Chinese during the movement of the province of the Apple is modern, but we also noted that the most prominent and entertaining is that the Chinese diplomatic co-tweeted this from the iPhone, we’ve seen before like that wrong when the Samsung is promoting the Galaxy Note 9 of the iPhone and Huawei itself do the same thing with a tweet that diplomat.

As for the performance of companies in the last quarter of the year, has developed estimates of Huawei in the amazing growth of 50% in smartphone shipments during the same period last year, while the rest of the industry Apple is a marked decline, though, has made the work of the Apple total more than twice the revenue made by Huawei in the last quarter of the year to $ 58 million compared to $ 25 million to buy Huawei.

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