Responsibly how to trade cryptocurrency in 2019. Useful tips

Skeptics around the world believe the cryptocurrency is the biggest bubble in history. But what’s the difference? Traders now ten years track graphics, enjoying the UPS and downs, and watching people again and again predict the collapse of the cryptocurrency. Only one Bitcoin last year buried 90 times. But what they saw when he woke up the first day of 2019? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies alive and well, while the trading continues.

The year has just begun. Traders will cash out the profit from the deals, keep track of schedules for the timing of purchases and sales and to wait patiently for his Lamba. But we must not forget about what in 2018 faced by market participants. It was a difficult year, and never saw a new bull market. To be honest, many were left penniless.

How to survive a storm of kriptoloji in 2019? Here is a simple but effective guide that will help you to stay afloat to protect your hard earned money to trade responsibly and, of course, to earn in the industry without becoming a victim of hackers and scammers.

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Do not fall for have benches in the style of 2018

Although many traders in the past year have earned on their investments, it was also many of those who did not sleep at night because of the many cryptocurrency Scam, the hacking of exchanges and the fake ICO. Some even had to abandon the new year’s feast with relatives to avoid embarrassment.

Coincheck has lost approximately $ 530 million in coins NEM. It is the largest hacking crypto currency exchange in the short history of the industry, surpassed the hacking of Mt. Gox. Just a few days after breaking Coincheck robbers stole with Bitgrail cryptocurrency 195 million. Victims of attacks are also other exchanges, including Coinrail, Bithumb and Bancor. According to the company Chainalysis, just from the exchanges stole cryptocurrency for at least a billion dollars.

But it was not just the crypto currency exchange. Themselves cryptocurrencies also suffered from cyber attacks, including phishing, pump and dump, a Scam on Twitter, fake-ICO-projects, market manipulation and so on. Hence the question: how can I avoid this Scam in 2019?

You don’t have to do the responsible captainvalor in 2019

Source: Bitcoinist

In the new year must take care not to get caught in stock scams and have benches and other related cryptocurrencies.

Don’t leave money on exchanges

The crypto currency exchange that holds billions of dollars actively attract hackers. Considering how much money has already been stolen from these platforms need to be concerned about the safety of coins. How? Keep the crypt need outside of the exchanges, especially if you are a day-trader. And even day traders would periodically transfer profits on the hardware wallet to secure it.

Don’t chase the first counter Aldona

The portfolios of capturadora now consist of an “army of altcoins“. But remember that not all altcoins are the same. According to Dead Coins, about 1000 altcoins are already dead and will never return to the cryptocurrency market.

To not see the obituary Aldona in which you have invested, you should carefully approach to the choice of coins to trade. Ensure that you are using for the diversification of valuable coins, and those who sooner or later will disappear from the market.

Don’t invest in ICO all in a row

Although the market ICO was not going through such a boom, as in 2017, some projects still appear. It is not necessary to invest in the ICO project just because it seems “cool”. Before you make a decision, you must thoroughly study the information about the team and the project. Read more about this in our guide.

That should do the responsible capturador in 2019

Source: The Wolf of Wall Street

So you care about security cryptomeria carefully ICO before investments and analyze altcoins before they trade. But for responsible trade cryptocurrency in 2019 that is not enough. Here’s how to play in advance against cryptocurrency Scam.

Consider the transition to a decentralized exchange

What happens with decentralized digital assets in centralized platforms? Our assets vulnerable to cyber attacks. The best option for capturadora this year is to use a decentralized exchange. Unlike kryptomere centralized, decentralized does not use third parties to store client of cryptocurrency. They also have no intermediaries, controlling private keys. Each user has access to their private keys.

Furthermore, the decentralized exchange is resistant to censorship, that is, the Central authorities are unable to ban them or close. They also facilitate faster and cheaper processing of transactions that have enhanced security and in some cases the use of smart contracts to facilitate the transfer of digital assets from purse to purse.

In fact, decentralized exchanges (DEX) no single point of failure, single point of regulation and a single point of control. Among the best and most well-known decentralized exchanges OpenLedger DEX, IDEX, Oasis DEX DEX Waves, Bisq, OpenANX and others.

Use purses of different types

Hardware wallets are the most safe: private keys are stored securely, they are not prone to computer viruses and use encryption technology of high level. It offers such advanced secure hardware wallets type LedgerNano, best wallet and LedgerHQ. They provide layered security of cryptocurrency and inaccessibility to attackers.

But hardware wallets are not for all situations are ideal, especially for day traders. Use hardware wallets when you want to store cryptocurrency for a long time. But if all you need to trade hardware wallets uncomfortable.

So the trader constantly transferring money back and forth from exchange to exchange and from wallet to wallet, need online wallet. You must ensure high level of security, such online wallet. Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication, and create a separate email specifically for cryptocell.

For more tips on responsible kriptoloji in 2019

The majority of capturadora lazy. We invest a lot in the virtual currency, but care little about the safety of our hard earned coins. It’s time to think. While you are preparing for 2019, hackers don’t sleep at night, inventing ways to cash in on you. What else can you do?

Be careful with browsers

Hackers invented the malware, changing the JavaScript code. And since most used we browsers have extensions that use JavaScript, the scammers can get to scriptaction. Think about the installation of the browser extension for identifying insecure websites. You can also use a VPN to cover your tracks navigation and make cryptocurrency transactions anonymous.

Pay attention to your computer

If you use the latest firewall? Whether your operating system to withstand any attack? Do not think that your system meets all the latest requirements just because everything works fine. Make sure you have antivirus, firewall, and secure operating system.

Keep a backup of all data

As in life, with cryptocurrency in the trading process can happen a lot. Possible unforeseen circumstances such as theft or damage to your device. Always keep somewhere a backup of all the data about your cryptocurrency is encrypted on file servers or on a flash drive so you can restore them if something goes wrong. More data look at cryptodata.

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