Restrict digital currencies is the voice of Saudi Arabia in the G20 summit

السعودية تصوت مع تقييد العملات الرقمية في قمة G20

We have seen in late 2017, the peak of the price of the digital currency , which reached to 20 thousand dollars which attention a lot about what Wayne will lead us, who pay the state East about the future of the past the digital.

Proposed the then French finance minister to hold a discussion about the Organizing at the G20 which was held in Argentina from the current month, and anyone who doesn’t know the G20 is a group state the top ranking in terms of the economy, which includes 90% of global output of the economy as a whole.

The 15 states voted that the digital currency illegal and said that China voted against, and four countries voted against the restrictions, including Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, and Saudi Arabia and sold them to the digital currency may be used in the processes of money laundering and supporting terrorism, especially that of the Middle East if the problems which are supported by the work of its technical ones.

Out of the conference that will be coming up with legislation at the end of July to july of the current year.


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