Retired from Udmurtia have given the fraudsters 3 million rubles for investment in Bitcoin

The victim was an elderly resident of the village Game. According to local police, fraudsters managed to fraudulently get the woman transferred to his account about three million rubles. The money was supposed to go for buying bitcoins. While cops have no leads as to the identity of the criminals.

Bitcoin for seniors

The victim “got on the trail” of fraud via the Internet. On one of the websites she was asked to fill out a questionnaire, ostensibly to purchase the cryptocurrency. Some time later, she called the man, who later had an employee brokerage firm.

Then the situation got the expected turnover, the attacker suggested the pensioner fast and easy earnings on investments in digital assets. Needless to say, “cooperation with the broker” took place without any written contracts.

The victim initially “invested” a million rubles. A few days later she called again, saying that income has increased several times. The pensioner again believed in the word of fraudsters and translated more one million roubles at the expense of “broker.” Ultimately, the criminals were able to lure women as much as 3 million.

Source: Bitcoinist

Believing the word of strangers, the victim was in a very bad situation — most of them given the amount she borrowed. According to the fact law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud committed in especially large size). As representatives of the local police, investigators will direct all resources to search for scams.

Note that the scale of fraud in crypto-currencies has reached enormous proportions over the past few years. The stolen amount is so great that criminals have to come up with a whole scheme to launder money and output crypts in Fiat.


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