Return browser Kiwi after it is removed on a background run YouTube in the background

عودة متصفّح Kiwi بعد إزالته على خلفية تشغيله يوتيوب في الخلفية

Days before now, we talked about the removal of the browser Kiwi from the store Google Play, because of the issue of his support to run a YouTube video in the background, and thus violates this browser car Google in this area, and now after the removal lasted only a few days, restored the browser, but unfortunately these have been removed water to meet the requirements of Google.

However users can take advantage of the features of other browser, on the top of the feature install add-ons the Chrome browser without any problems remember, the benefit of a download manager is high speed, not to mention speed of loading of web pages being considered on the draft encases, as there is a tool for blocking ads and ban pop-ups, as well as protection against Cryptojacking.

And everyone with a browser Kiwi choose where you want the download files to it, not to mention play audio and video files except for YouTube, in the case of the lock screen, and more features that await you, to be Browser Kiwi is available for free download in full.

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