Reuters: Snapchat is seriously considering the abandonment of the most important advantages to the “public story” permanent

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Reported Reuters on Tuesday that the company “Snap” Snap, the royal service messaging the famous “Snapchat” SnapChat included a change nobody thought she may resort to him in one day, which is the publication of the “set” permanent.

Is known for service Snapchat as a service that allows users to publish pictures, videos, temporary and disappear after a specific duration, a feature that has achieved outstanding success over the past years, making the services of major fluctuations, including Facebook, enter WhatsApp, and YouTube, in addition to many other services.

After the presentation highlighted the advantages of Snapchat in other services are already the law of large users outweigh the users of Snapchat many times, I began to Snapchat is experiencing a serious decline, which seems to make the company think seriously about making radical changes to its mechanism of action, after the failure of previous attempts to long to change the design of the facade in keeping the current users, as well as attract new users.

Now, Reuters reported citing informed sources that the company Snape taught to make publications a permanent, as it is also considering the option to reveal the identities of the users of Snapchat who post leaflets in general.

The company believes that these changes will together be a big step in its endeavours to attract users and keep them by making the content shared in general by the section “our story”, which is available in the largest out of Snapchat. Can changes also create a new source of income to the company experiencing significant losses, led to a decrease in its user base and get rid of the executives were employed by.

It is believed that such changes to service Snapchat, which was launched in 2011 and achieved great success among the teens and the new millennium, may provoke violent reactions from users who believe the privacy of their private and company Facebook, the competition has suffered over the past months of scandals about how it deals with users ‘ data.

Reuters quoted one of its sources that Snape taught carefully the privacy issue and technical considerations and legal to reveal the identities of the users posts in general. So the new change will not only affect the content of the pictures and videos posted on the section “our story”, where the share of publications with a wider audience of users of Snapchat, not only friends of the user, and users have the option of deleting that story.

It is indicated that Snape had tried previously to prolong the validity period of the publication of the General Assembly, but make it last for longer than ever before, or further disclosure of information your users who create, will be out additional about the characteristics attribute possible for Snapchat.

Sources told Reuters that the changes come in response to the reactions of partnerships Snape pads with the discovery of news that helps media companies identify, analyze and disseminate breaking news to the public on Snapchat. Partnerships News part of the initiative “stories of Snape in every place” Snap’s Stories Everywhere which was launched last year to push content to more places outside of Snapchat.

Referred to as the “public story” in Snapchat was initially disappear after 30 days, but now remain viewable for 90 days, according to the support site snap web site. But some partners, Snape said that the temporary nature and the attempt to make it difficult for them to work with her, reported the sources told Reuters.

With the current situation, wouldn’t you say some news organizations include stories Snapchat in the articles because the content will disappear in the end, while the other institutions do not favor its use because it can’t verify the credibility of the Snapchat stories published by the users are anonymous.

Reuters quoted one of the sources knowledgeable on partnerships news that Snape is already talking with one’s partner about to make public posts that will last longer, also plans to make some of the content of celebrity always.

The gate Arab News Technical Reuters: Snapchat is seriously considering the abandonment of the most important advantages to the “public story” permanent

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