Revealed more details of the service Apple TV Apple TV+

Apple intend to enter the world of IPTV to compete with services as well as Netflix and Amazon via its new service +Apple TV which had been announced in last March but is yet to be launched.كشف المزيد من التفاصيل عن خدمة آبل للبث التلفزيوني +Apple TV

كشف المزيد من التفاصيل عن خدمة آبل للبث التلفزيوني +Apple TV

All in November

Website published a Bloomberg report which stated that Apple plans to launch the service +Apple TV for television broadcast during the month of November with a limited number of sitcoms and TV shows that will increase the number gradually over the months its subsequent amendments for launch.

Companies Amazon and pluck Deluxe provide any new season of the series has paid one but Apple will uses a different approach by launching three episodes in the first day of work and then provide one new episode a week, like network Hulu and HBO.

The price of the subscription in the +Apple TV

Report Bloomberg reported that Apple will provide a +service for Apple TV in exchange for a monthly subscription capacity of the 9.99$ like a news service and music. And of course the user can watch from any device you want, whether smartphone or tablet or smart TV, etc.

Apple will also spend generously on the production of content and display it on +Apple TV like there is a TV comedy drama called The Morning Show spent Apple about $ 300 million to produce two seasons of will be available with the beginning of the launch of the service.

Another report of the newspaper The Financial Times reported that Apple will spend $ 6 billion in 2019, on the production of content compared to the service Netflix, which will spend million to $ 15 million. Also expected to include spending to buy content from production companies and television networks other.

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