Revealed the details of Apple products for the 2019

When it comes to revealing details of Apple products of the future, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which has a proven track record in uncovering the secrets of the company’s product is closer to the sources, today, ask our On Line Apple products for the year 2019 with a lot of details.

IPhone 2019

Confirmed Ming-Chi Kuo, the launch of three models of the iPhone with the same design, sizes, models 2018, and also the same type of tea; what means that the successor of the iPhone XS max screen Olid 6.5 inch, and the successor of the XS screen Olid 5.8-inch successor of the iPhone XR enjoy the LCD screen measuring 6.1 inches.

May increase RAM capacity in the successor of the iPhone XR to 4 gigabytes of address space, that is characterized by at least one of the models of the tripartite back with a three.

All models will get the update for Face ID, card of the largest, wireless charging support reverse, behind the glass crystallized, like in the Pixel 3, the modernization of the technique of “scale super display” for navigation and better inside buildings.

Source denied rumors of having a USB-C port, where he confirmed to keep the iPhone on a port lightning current context.

IPad 2019

Confirmed Ming said that Apple will launch two new models of iPad Pro new, to the side of the iPad 10.2 inch be the successor of iPad 7.9-inch iPad mini updated, the Commons on behalf of iPad mini 5, to feature all of its processor more powerful than previous versions.

“Everything we know about the iPad mini 5 coming soon

All of the iPad 10.2 inch iPad mini 5 will be at a cheap price, and while the rumored launch for the first quarter of 2019, then up two new models of iPad Pro until the end of the year most likely.

Charger AirPower headphones Eyre best 2

Confirmed-Ming-Chi Kuo that the producers will be shipping to their stores and users for the first quarter of 2019, in line with the latest leaks that confirmed the declaration of Eyre best 2 event March 25.

Rumors on the Eyre best 2 annoy her portfolio supports wireless charging, while maintaining the same design, the coating is clear and will increase the firmness of her ear when in use, and also support Siri always without the need to connect to, and finally, the water resistance and noise isolation.

Mac and other devices

Confirmed Ming the arrival of the MacBook Pro features an entirely new design and enjoy a 16-16.5 inch, how much will my model MacBook Pro 13 inch option 32 gigabytes of RAM. There will come also the new Mac Pro with the new.

He also referred to the possibility of the launch of the iPod touch, faster processor, and the launch screen 31.6 inch accurately 6K. How will the expansion feature planning heart my hours Apple more and more states, that the Apple Watch next to the structure of the ceramic.

Anyway, despite the reputation of the source of good, what we have mentioned here remain, such as leaks that we can’t be sure of her health completely until the official announcement.

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