Revenue growth Huawei 20% to 108.5 million through 2018

نمو إيرادات هواوي 20% لتصل 108.5 مليار دولار خلال 2018

Huawei announced are the other announced its financial results for the year 2018 which as expected has seen a significant growth reached 20% globally, where police were able to overcome the barrier of 100 million revenues reach 108.5 million over the past year.

Despite the restrictions and differences with a number of governments of major countries around the world, the company expects growth over the next year by 10%, the mother who was so different in the case of the American market open for her for example.

It is worth mentioning that the revenues of Huawei was approximately $ 18.2 million in 2008, i.e. ten years before the new findings, to become within a decade one of the most important and largest technology companies and most income in the world.

On the interview speaking about the conduct of the current operations, said Eric Xu, president of Huawei, said that his company tried to communicate with the American government but it was rejected and the government about the technical problems to political problems, he also stressed that the telecom companies here you do not use the equipment Huawei so they don’t pose a threat there as they claim.

Xu added that the work of the Huawei flourishing is currently developing the fifth-generation networks, explained that his company would work with governments that share the same desire.

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