Revenue growth of video games in America to $ 36 million last year



Grown the video game industry in the United States by reaching its revenue last year of $ 36 million which is an increase of 18% from the previous year.

These include the proceeds of the total sales of gaming devices and accessories as well as games by Digital or copied on discs and even purchases within the games.

Last year was an excellent one for the purchase of Nintendo the Japanese in the American market where it sold 4.8 million units of its new console’s Switch detective of record dollars during the ten months of the launch of the device.

Saw the market of gaming devices American high competition where Microsoft launched a new version of the Xbox supporting 4k quality, as well as the Sony did.

The sales of gaming devices in the world $ 6.9 million as well as revenue reached sales of digital games and purchases within the games to 29.1 miyar dollars.

And the year was 2017, excellent game developers, whatever the platform as well as on the hardware manufacturers.


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