Revenue growth zoom more than doubled to more than $ 300 million

نمو عائدات زووم بأكثر من الضعف إلى أكثر من 300 مليون دولار - Zoom

Revealed company Zoom announced its financial results for the first quarter which showed a growth in all indicators positive. It has reached the company’s overall revenue of $ 328 million with an annual growth of 169 percent.

Also grew the number of customers of companies that have more than 10 employees and those using paid accounts is an important indicator of the extent of adoption of the service by the business sector and not just individual users with free accounts.

The number of clients zoom from companies that have more than 10 employees to more than 265 thousand customers year on year increase of 345%!.

Expects zoom to achieve annual total returns during the full year financial up to 1.8 billion dollars.

On the other hand the executive director of the company that the benefits of strong encryption to the new work on his company will be available only for paid accounts, placing accounts of the council are subject to being exposed and recognition by the government authorities in case of application of zoom it.

The Zoom had previously reported that it has 300 million active users per day, but it quickly retreated from this statement misleading, but there are 300 million login sessions, regardless if the level of the unique or a duplicate.



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