Revenue of Huawei abandon $ 100 million for 2018, despite the U.S. ban

إيرادات هواوي لعام 2018 تتخطى 100 مليار دولار رغم الحظر الأمريكي

Published Chinese technology giant Huawei report revenue annual fiscal year 2018 appear to rise significantly in revenue in each of the Department of consumer and investment with a simple drop in the network section to the gross income of 107 million dollars at the rate of Rise of 19.5% by 2017.

The net profit of the company of all sections of 56.5 billion yuan (about 8.7 million dollars) at a height of 25% over the previous year; where was the consumer section is the most influential in the increased revenue that contributed to a $ 51.9 million and rising by 45%, and that the proceeds from the investments division increased by 23.8% to $ 11 million, while the contribution of the Department of communication network and equipment infrastructure $ 43.8 million, down by 1.3%.

It was possible to overtake Huawei on the rate area for the year 2018 by higher if not for the ban on them in the United States and companies that have suffered on the operations of spying for the Chinese government, which has denied by the company.

Where said Huawei to the continuous rise in income demonstrates the confidence of the consumer and any allegations constituted a security risk to them, as it hopes to raise its revenues global future through the networks of the fifth generation where they are considered by most companies the development in the provision of such networks in the world.

It is worth mentioning that the company is facing a fierce campaign of the United States on the networks of the fifth generation where the government had invited U.S. allies to boycott the company’s products and use of its equipment in the construction of those networks, where the responses of Australia and New Zealand to these demands while you know Germany has lots to talk about the idea of using equipment of Huawei, as the British commission to monitor the quality of network services Huawei has recently issued a report criticizing her work and goes its weaknesses.

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