Revenue of the Apple App Store reached 100 million reais through 2017

I know Apple has that the revenues of the developers on the Apple App Store exceeded $ 26.5 million (99.375 billion riyals) for the year 2017 an increase of 30% on an annual basis, which means that the net gains of the company from the store amounted to 11.5 million ($43.125 million SAR). Considers the growth of revenues of special services Apple one of the positive points of the main investors, where increasing growth rates and the company’s earnings faster than the rest of the companies with the greatest profit margin. The following is the analysis of the data the Apple App Store by 2017: • On January 1, revenue reached $ 300 million, an increase of 25% from the previous year • Since Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve earnings reached $ 890 million in 7 days • Got the developers on the $ 26.5 million with an annual increase of 30%, to exceed profit developers and $ 86 million from 2008 until the end of 2017 For 2017 only reached revenues accounted Apple Store its $ 11.5 million accounting for 5% of the company’s total revenue is expected to skyrocket to $ 237 million (888.75 million SAR). Source: Forbes

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