Review and interview Special: know the Nuraphone, the headphones are the most intelligent in the world !

مُراجعة ومقابلة خاصة: تعرف على Nuraphone، سماعات الرأس الأكثر ذكاءا في العالم !

When you meet the passion of something, with a scientific background highly specialized, you’re about to get as a result of quite revolutionary. I got the “Dragan Petrović – Dragan Petrovic” on a doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California – Berkeley, and spent the next 10 years in the functions of geometric multiple. In 2015, he joined the “Petrovich” to two other bands, one a specialist physician holds a doctoral degree in the field of audio, to found three startups aiming to re-discover the headphones of the new, and so was founded Nuraphone taken from the city of Melbourne, the Australian based.

The main idea behind the company is the product of research conducted by “Luke Campbell”, the company’s co-founder with a medical background, relating to fingerprint your own voice in the ear of mankind, which explain simply why the difference taste the music from person to person, which is based on the fact that each ear bearing the imprint of its own to respond to sounds in a different way.

Succeeded the founders of the three in building on this concept, and designed the headphones contain microphones minutes severe allergic reactions used by NASA in Space Industries, and those microphones pick up the vibrations of the infinitesimal produced by the ear when listening to different sounds, based on the capture and processing of those vibrations, you can clear the automatically using the techniques of artificial intelligence to design the identity of the voice of the particular user. It’s like that you get the engineer to sound your private to adjust the sky specially for you. every time you want to listen in to anything, the result is actually amazing.

Design revolution: some acclimatization first, a lot of admiration after that.

Provide headphones Nuraphone different concept entirely, I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, it offers a mix between the headphones “Over the ear” headphones, in-ear “In-ear”.

At first glance, the design looks strange, as that feeling of funky when you first use, where the opposite of what back with traditional headphones which we used to cover by ear without attention mode tweaks, as is the case with the headphones inside the ear. Soon I will surpass the stage of wonder to this different design to the stage of infatuation that feeling that makes you very comfortable and firming headphones, with the complete isolation of the same that you get with the headphones inside the ear.

There is an impression will pay you here is that headphones large size, as is general with the headphones, they are also not light weight. In the context of my dialogue with the “Dragan Petrović,” confirms the man on that information saying, “we did not design sports headphones primed for the movement to wear when you exercise, what we worked for years on his design is the best sound experience possible for anyone who wants to enjoy what is listening to sound files”.

But anyway, come Nuraphone with the rights of luxury to protect the fish, which don’t save something of the size and weight of the sky itself, but it certainly adds to the majesty that heaven when you breathe out. Tell us “Petrovich” in our dialogue with him that the company is currently in the process of working on a new version of fish that would be small size and light weight and for sports without a deadline, ask this version.

Artificial intelligence arrives to the headphones!

Lies innovation main headphones Nuraphone in the audio experience that it offers, it’s difficult to describe the experience of sound using words, but at least it is after you adjust the fish through its own app on the mobile phone you get the quality and depth of sound better than everything I’ve tried headphones in that price – category of $ 400 – a Category high-quality mainly. It’s not just the sound experience rich, layers of sound and depth, but the big difference that you feel is to adjust the layers of sound commensurate with the quality of the audio file that you listen to. You feel after that experience of other earphones that the sound – Equalizer – in any headphones other is not set up in the perfect manner.

The process of adjusting the sky and very simply in less than a minute and without any intervention from the user where it says the heavens themselves sending vibrations and the vibrations of the opposite and save a file the user memory inside the headphones itself and not the phone or any other device related to what makes it always ready for use, after adjusting it for the first time.

Tell us “Petrovich” that the company has updated the operating system of your speakers through the updated software was sent to the heavens, and the heavens first in the world that allows such a thing, as it’s the fish first in the world to get insulation property activity Active Noise Canceling through the update software without having to change heaven itself.

The last update added the sky and also the status of social media activity which allows you to when you activate them listen to the sounds surrounding you and to talk with others around you without the need for the disarmament of the sky on your head according to your desire, and that feature also worked quite efficiently in our experience. Say “Petrovich” that this will not be the last update to the heavens because they are looking for adding more value added to the product after the purchase what makes the price make sense so you don’t get headphones will replace it quickly after a short period after being issued a newer version.

Final evaluation:

I’m not at all who speak easily for the price of 400 USD. Of course it depends on what you’re looking for, and to any extent to care about the quality of audio, but certainly here you get a unique sound comparable to what you’ll pay money, as to the value added by the company by adding the advantages of the essence of the new heavens itself through updates to the software without prompting you to purchase a new copy or pay more money in exchange of those plugins makes the equation tend very much to favour headphones Nuraphone. Seen market the technical to those of the company emerging with much enthusiasm and optimism, making it get more than $ 25 million from investors during the last two years, which makes me inclined to believe that we might be in front of the new model has more than a lot of the top competitors of his way in the near future.

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