Review BlackBerry Key 2

BlackBerry Key 2 latest devices BlackBerry system Android, dedicated for the use of the phone with the real keys in this review, we present to you the highlights of the phone features and disadvantages


The phone comes with outstanding design and quality manufacture of high the phone is made of aluminum of the Parties and from the back comes with a cover of rubber retardant slip of the hand during use, as the phone comes in two colors black and silver
Contains the framework of the phone on the buttons to raise and lower the sound button, the operating button can be customized to open any application and entrance for two slices or a slice and that external and top outlet to the heavens and down the speakers with the performance of the weak and the entrance to the USB-C and back dual camera and LED flash in the middle of the phone logo BlackBerry

The screen
Come Screen Phone $ 4.5 inch Type LCD 1080 in 1620 pixels in comparison with the rest of the phones are considered small especially and the way a lot of companies are producing devices with big screen, as the screen is not high quality and extra weak and not suitable to watch videos in comparison with other devices.

The phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 660 memory internal 64 GB or 128 GB flash memory, random 6 GB and supports external memory up to 256 GB, processor custom phones available, but the company thinks its phone flagship phones especially when you get to the question of the price at which we will mention at the end of the audit, in terms of battery it comes with a capacity of 3500 mAh and the cost for the working day for intensive use .
The performance of the phone didn’t like me very much. there are some mistakes and out of apps abruptly slow to move between pages.

The camera
The phone comes with a camera background dual 12-megapixel were optical even twice, the front camera is 8 MP, and in my personal view the performance of the camera does not compare to that of competitors, especially in addition to vulnerable .
The results of the camera

User experience
Of the most important differences between the phones is the user experience which I see that this phone is one of the worst phones of these people, for example the size of the screen is not suitable for shopping or to watch the videos and also not suitable for many applications such as Twitter and snapchat and Instagram, when you browse the application Twitter doesn’t show me more tweets on the screen and in the application of Instagram some of the pictures don’t fully show the snapchat application is completely unsuitable because of the poor quality of the photography and also when sharing content it does not appear full.

-Quality manufacturing, high
-Battery performance is excellent
-Security systems

The clinic
-The screen with the edges of the large and inappropriate for some applications
-The sound is strong but not clear
-Additional keyboard is weak
-The camera does not compete the rest of the phones
-Questioned the footprint of the average.

The phone comes at a price 2399 SAR for the 64 GB in silver comes at a price 2699 SAR ratio of 128 GB in black

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