Review: DrinkUp beverage bottle smart !

مراجعة: DrinkUp زجاجة المشروبات الذكية !

In creeps the something disco to add more features and options to the usual in our daily life, we should learn more in the experience of those objects and smart which belong to the category of the Internet of things which is now hardly to includes everything we use tools on a daily basis. In this experiment we choose a day a bottle of Smart Portfolio heat download name DrinkUp.

Structure and design:

If you are an amateur use that the category of bottles holster to heat pick up water or hot and cold beverages with you to work or other everyday movements, the bottle DrinkUp is one of the most beautiful of those products in terms of design and services used externally. Making the bottle of metal coated with glossy paint available in six choices of cheerful colors, and the cover – which protects all the intelligent features which we’ll discuss later – it’s made of shiny metal in silver with LED display white color under the top cover fully.

Grabbing the cover from its place will he heavier than any cover I think in those bottles heat insulation, but not enough to make it annoying with repeated use. The interior of the lid sensors and sophisticated electronics that protect all of the smart functions provided by that bottle, as well as a microUSB port hidden carefully by the piece, inner plastic mobile cover additional plastic to isolate it completely from the fluid inside the bottle (see the video below for better idea about it).

Properties and advantages: is not just a bottle of portfolio heat

Enjoy the DrinkUp to do its job of traditional, namely, to keep warmly beverages for 24 hours for cold drinks and 12 hours for hot beverages. But other than that, choose that bottle in whole for any other bottle to maintain temperature of the beverage, has been developed to be a bottle of smart for those looking for nature and a healthy life in relation to the implementation of the water sufficiently throughout the day.

Is the cover metal smartphone is an electronic contract that bottle, it contains sensors for motion, temperature, the nature of the composition of the beverage inside the bottle. Using those sensors, and by connecting them to the application on your mobile phone through Bluetooth, where the supports of the bottle Bluetooth communication to a smartphone, can provide its smart.

The beginning, you can tell the temperature drop is preferred, whether it is cold or hot, the inside of the bottle once you put the bottle in an inverted position vertically for a few seconds, you will see a shaking of the simple after 2-3 seconds and then return the bottle to its status screen will appear الLED on the lid the temperature of the drink inside the bottle accurately.

Fan of exercise they can take advantage of the reminder features download money which is very important for athletes, where they coincide the bottle with a mobile phone and alerts the user through the app as well as through the Smart Cover to need to drink water after assessing what was covered of water from the bottle throughout the day and health data for the user.

You can also find out if the water inside the bottle is potable or not, due to a change in its properties because of the recession inside the bottle, and to access those data using the bottle sensor and in particular to the composition of the water inside of it and warn the user before proceeding through the display screen on the lid.

Final evaluation:

While you may look more intelligent that the bottle such as luxuries a few to use, just as it seemed to me at first, but I actually like it a lot to the positive impact that bottle in your daily life to motivate you to eat more water throughout the day. Maybe it’s splendor techniques attractive, or maybe she’s attractive design and cheerful colors, but this impact will inevitably feel it, it is probably use most of that bottle, more than may use the properties of temperature measurement and other. Sharing a bottle DrinkUp via the company’s website on the internet at the price of 69$ USD.

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